75% of software failures relate to poor specification, with only 12.7% of information system projects being successful first time

(British Computer Society Survey)

Information system software development is a multi-billion pound global industry. Using existing methods it remains extremely challenging to accurately specify software projects and the knock-on commercial impact of this is significant. Consequently, there is a genuine and sizeable opportunity for any business who can create a more effective solution to this problem.

is that solution

What is Specify4IT ?

Created for software developers, Specify4IT is a brand new software product for rigorously specifying a large variety of different information systems projects. It delivers much greater accuracy than any existing products, is compatible with most commercial software, is easy to use and suits a wide range of project types.

What does do?

  • Ensures that information systems are built in exact accordance with client’s needs, utilising automated reasoning to provide mathematical proof at each step in the specifying process
  • Reduces development time (estimated to halve the time to project completion)
  • Reduces development resource (estimated to halve the project manpower)
  • Having been correctly specified and proven, the project will pass the User Acceptance Test (UAT)

Who is the target market?

Software houses are the primary target market, allows them to specify client projects more effectively and then to deliver them more quickly with less manpower. These significant advantages will allow software developers to obtain immediate and high return on their investment in .

Other markets include businesses or organisations who are developing their own software, who can save considerable time and money in the development process, as well as ensuring the final result is as specified and fit for purpose.

Summary of advantages

  • Uses automated reasoning: information system specifications proved mathematically at each step, for error-free precision and speed -effectively unique; gives competitive edge to providers.
  • Enforces client validation and approval of specifications – effectively unique; gives competitive edge + client satisfaction
  • Guarantees the consistency of each specification – leads to projects that are delivered as correct and of high quality.
  • Estimated to halve project development time and halve project man hours – reduces costs, increases profitability and productivity.
  • Creates efficiencies across the management and execution of the project – delivers earlier pay-back, improves client satisfaction and retention.
  • Provides opportunities to retrain skilled staff e.g. designers, programmers and testers, for new roles in the business – enhances business capacity and productivity.
  • Specify4IT can be readily supported with a technical back-up, servicing & training package – reassurance for developers, consultants & their clients.

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